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I am applying to get a scholarship because I want to get my floral design certification and finish all the required flower design courses. I took multiple flower design classes and I'm currently taking LNT (Landscape and Nursery Technology) courses. My goal is to improve my English writing skills so I can be able get my associate's as well. This semester I enrolled in Italian to start my elective classes. It has been hard for me being in college because my first language is Spanish. Even though I have been struggling with the English language I have almost finished all the LNT classes. Being a mom, wife, and student has not been easy for me. I never gave up and now  I'm not going to give up either. My goal is to graduate and get my floral certification and my associate's.  My need for a scholarship/financial assistance is to be able to fully commit myself to school and not worry about providing for my family. A scholarship would allow me to be focused and devoted to my classes which is what I long for. I have a family of four and we love to go out and enjoy the beach or a movie night. I have loved to hike since the pandemic started. I like to go out and enjoy the beautiful nature that way I can keep my mind healthy because for me it has been so hard to go through the pandemic. I am so grateful for all the support that we as students have received. My husband is a pastor of a Latin Christian church called CFC and the family goes every Wednesday and Sunday. I have been dedicated to my family ever since I had my first child but now I want the time to accomplish my academic goals. That's why I need this scholarship.

Thank you. 


 Rosalinda M Munoz.

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