• Nicholas Nicoloff

Nicholas Nicoloff Bio 

I would like to thank the Mission Hills Garden Club for the generous scholarship awarded to me through the Cuyamaca College Ornamental Horticulture department and the Cuyamaca College Botanical Society student organization. I have been a student in Ornamental Horticulture at Cuyamaca for 5 years studying a wide variety of coursework. I currently have AS degrees in Arboriculture, Sustainable Urban Landscapes, Irrigation Technology, Nursery Technology and Landscape Technology. I will receive my certificate in Floral Design this June. I have worked as a student intern with the Ornamental Horticulture department over the years. I was Head Grower for our in-house nursery in the 2019-2020 school year. This past year I have worked as a technician taking care of the school’s vineyard and floral field. I have also worked in the classroom as a technician helping with the classroom labs. I like to garden at my own home, too. I have a small vineyard, an hillside with succulents and cacti, and an avocado orchard. I am also enhancing the lower part of my yard with different types of California native plants. I currently volunteer at the Water Conservation Garden and with the California Native Plant Society. I look forward to continuing to help people have beautiful, sustainable gardens.

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