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You never would have thought that growing up in central San Diego I would become so captivated with horticulture. Surrounded by the numerous freeways of my hometown along with the concrete buildings of San Diego, it can be difficult to find the peace and nourishment nature can provide. I lived with my grandparents for most of my childhood as well as high school, who were avid plant people. I remember our backyard filled with lush ferns, giant staghorns on the lattice fence, and a number of fruit trees that grew on the slope. My parents loved to go camping and showed me and my siblings the joy the outdoors could bring. These factors, though I didn't realize at the time, helped reinforce my love for plants and the wonders of nature. As a kid I always took a fascination to plants, however it’s not a career path that is often mentioned by adults. I was lost for words when people would ask me what career choice I would go with. Which made me feel my future was uncertain. At a time in my life when I was without direction in my education, I took an intro to horticulture class and found something in me that I hadn't noticed in many years. That I could combine my love for plants as well as options for my career. I continued my education at Cuyamaca Colleges renowned Ornamental Horticulture department where I furthered my studies to obtain two associates degrees as well as long time memories.

My first job in the industry was as a seasonal customer service rep at Walter Andersen Nursery. After my summer there I knew I didn't want to work anywhere else that didn't involve plants or gardening. My next nursery job I took was at Evergreen Nursery, where I was able to put most of what I learned at school into practice. Not only enhancing my knowledge of plants I was able to explore other branches of the horticulture industry such as landscape design, irrigation, and even public speaking during the numerous gardening seminars I presented to the general public. There was no better feeling for me than sharing the knowledge with others that had found passion in gardening. Which is also why I am so thankful for receiving this scholarship from the mission hills garden club. Today, I work for Biozenic as head plant technician, working to bring the outside into commercial offices spaces. For the future I want to spread the knowledge of agriculture to the general public. With climate change as one of humanity's greatest threats I believe that everyone has the ability to do their part in saving the planet and ourselves. Which is why I want to use the opportunity of my time on earth by starting my own nursery, so that every citizen in San Diego has access for sustainable landscapes.

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