• Suzanne Albagli Almeida

Suzanne Albagli Almeida Bio 

I am Suzanne Almeida, an international student of Sustainable Agriculture and Nursery Management at MiraCosta College. I am already graduated in Business Administration and MBA in Project Management, with 6 years of professional experience in the cosmetic industry of a big sustainable business. I left my career path in my country and came back to studies in order to contribute to the world at these times of increase of food insecurity. I am getting ready to support communities to grow their food. Also, I can work for solutions and more productivity to produce organic and high-quality foods using new technologies for a better food availability scenario. I have been proud to work at the Horticulture Department with projects related to composting and to provide produce for the local Cafeteria at the College. I am glad to contribute to this movement, and I am beyond grateful for this Scholarship that helps me to thrive in these challenging times. Thank You for the opportunity, to support my efforts, and remind to be safe. For you and the whole community.

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